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On how many PCs or Macs may I use myMap?

Applies to: 2018, v.5, XG, NG, 2000

Article ID: KB300031
Last Modification: April 14, 2017

myMap 2018 (PC)

Every myMap 2018 (PC) license is an eminec Trust License. This means: It is your choice!

Every myMap 2018 (PC) license is hybrid. Therefore, it always offers you both ways of using it (but of course not at the same time). You can change mind at any time and as many times as you want. You do not have to inform as about your choice: just use the license in the way it currently serves you best.

Arbitrary combinations allowed

If you have bought multiple licenses, you may of course mix “per user” and “per seat” at will. Example: You have bought 5 licenses, 3 of which you use “per user” and 2 “per seat”. The “per user” licenses allow the sample users Ms. Jones, Mr. Garcia and Ms. Durand to install myMap on all personal devices. The “per seat” licenses are used in the conference room (for use by arbitrary persons) and the training room (also for use by arbitrary persons). If Mr. Mbaye and Ms. Schultz join the company, you may buy two more licenses – or redesignate the training room and conference room licenses. It is up to you, depending on your needs!

myMap 2018 (Mac)

If you buy myMap from the Mac App Store, you may use the app within Family Sharing rules.

myMap v.5, XG, NG and 2000

Your license is deemed a “per user” license, i. e. you may use it on any number of PCs as long as you are the main user of these PCs. If you want to use shared PCs, use myMap 2018 (PC) licenses instead.

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