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Setting up and activating myMap (PC)

Applies to: 2018 (PC)

Article ID: KB200011
Last Modification: May 08, 2017

You can use myMap (PC) in three ways:

  1. Without license number: myMap runs in Viewer mode without time limit. You cannot save, print or export.
  2. With free trial license number: myMap runs for 45 days without feature limitations, thereafter in Viewer mode (like without license number).
  3. With purchased license number: myMap runs without time limit and without feature limitations.

In every case, download myMap first and launch the setup program. A wizard will guide you through the installation process. Then start myMap by clicking eminec myMap 2018 in Windows Start Menu.

Download myMap ➜

At first, myMap ist setup in Viewer mode. For your 45 day trial or for permanent use, please continue by entering the license number:

  1. On Start Center tab, click the entry New Map and then OK.
  2. In File menu, click the command Save.
  3. In License Number for myMap window, click the link Free trial license number or Purchased license number (depending on what applies).
  4. Follow the instructions on the page shown.

Free Trial License Number ➜ Purchased License Number ➜

Note: If you have already entered a license number you would like to replace (e. g. a free trial license number by your newly purchased license number), in Tools menu, click the command Settings…, then in License section the command button Change….

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