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Adding free text to a map and subordinating it to map objects

Applies to: 2018, v.5

Article ID: KB100021
Last Modification: April 14, 2017

You can add free text to your maps. Free text is text that is not connected to other map objects via branch lines.

You have two possibilities to add free text to your map:

In both cases, a new free text is created and temporarily linked to the mouse cursor. Move the mouse cursor to the position in your map where you want the free text to be, then click. myMap will disconnect the free text from the mouse cursor, place it at that location and activate text editing mode. Finally, enter the desired text.

You can subordinate free text to another map object. By doing so, you set a semantic relationship and, at the same time, apply layout binding. Layout binding causes the free text to be automatically moved when you move the superordinate, binding map object. (By subordinating free text directly to the map center, you restore original behavior.)

How to subordinate free text to another map object:

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