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Carsten D. Kolenda

Since 1998, we do just one thing—and we do it very well: Knowledge Management with myMap helps you save time and unleash your creativity in a fun way.

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“All you need for Mind Mapping” …

“My vision is that many people make their professional and personal ideas come true in a creative and joyful way. In order to achieve this, eminec creates powerful—yet inexpensive—software, which hopefully inspires you as well.”

Carsten D. Kolenda, Founder

In 1998, Carsten Kolenda is in search for an app for grasping, storing and conveying ideas—in an easy way, visually, clearly laid out. He does not find anything, so he tackles the task himself. In March 2000, myMap is released to the German market. Personal recommendations and favorable press coverage lead to a rapid increase in user numbers. managerSeminare professional magazine delivers a clear judgment in its February 2002 issue: “myMap offers virtually everything you need for Mind Mapping on the PC.”

Starting in 2004, students and teachers in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia profit from a statewide “Klett eminec myMap” license, offered in cooperation with renowned German educational publisher Klett. For business users, linking myMap with existing tools for Knowledge Management and Management Information is of interest. myMap enables this from 2005, by using XML technology for data exchange in a consistent, uncompromising way.

… “which is as little as possible”

The major 2010 release brings together the entire experience of the first myMap decade. Requests and requirements from business and science users have been implemented. For eminec, perfection also means omitting everything unnecessary—and Carsten Kolenda is proud that myMap does as little as possible. In other words: focusing clearly on the process steps of the Knowledge Chain remains eminec’s brand core, because the elegance and simplicity of the mapping method do not allow for any compromises.

2017 will again be an exciting year for eminec. Another major release is scheduled for fall—and the new myMap 2018 will no longer be available for Windows only, but also for macOS. XML technology, which has already been introduced 12 years earlier, continues guaranteeing seamless data exchange.

Why you should care.

Communicating knowledge efficiently offers tremendous potential for achieving competitive advantage. Still today, many businesses suffer from a lack of getting everyone who should be up to date to actually be fully informed consistently, and in time. Let us be honest: While using myMap will certainly not change your company’s culture for the even better instantly, it does convey the idea that sharing insights makes everyone’s task more enjoyable and easy. Please take my word for it: Start from there, and big things may follow! I would like to hear about what you have achieved with myMap.

Because this is all that matters.

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