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Grasp, Store, Convey Ideas.

Whether you would like to improve competitive advantage of your business or get a new way to look at research and teaching—the eminec myMap Knowledge Management solution supports you in saving time and being creative.

Envision a business plan, prepare a presentation for college or plan for a big celebration: these are typical tasks where myMap supports you. myMap accompanies you along the Knowledge Chain, i. e. in grasping, storing and conveying ideas. Enterprises, authorities, universities, schools and home users have been profiting from myMap for years.

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How would you like to use myMap?

Securing your lasting company success in global competition is facilitated by efficient Knowledge Management. myMap brings you a new view of things in management. In your map, you will recognize the essentials at a glance:

  • Company and marketing planning are clearly shown since you structure information and reduce complexity.
  • Product and project management become transparent since you have all planning data at hand—to be shared effortlessly.
  • Relationship and service management are sound since you document and use knowledge about customers and products.

Features for Your Business

  • Unleashed creativity: New ideas are gathered using brainstorming mode—either alone or at a team meeting. Thanks to the ‘input once’ principle, you can directly create your map or a classic outline from all collected ideas that turn out useful.
  • Consistent documentation: Frequently used structures are archived as map parts, which you can quickly paste into new maps. In this way, you can ensure that the information that is regularly required is actually collected completely.
  • Secure storage: Encryption ensures that only authorized users access your critical information. To do so, set a password for each map.

By the way: Do you already have an Executive Information System? Then myMap is the ideal complement. Data from reporting automatically flows into your status maps.

Keep track of extensive fields of research with consistent Knowledge Management. myMap supports you in grasping, storing and conveying knowledge. You can concentrate on the essentials:

  • As a learner: Prepare a presentation or practice for an exam. myMap is best suited for university and upper level.
  • As a teacher: Encourage students to learn and, at the same time, organize your teaching easily.
  • As a researcher: Keep track of your project—from research concept to publishing your results.

Features for Science

  • Sources are always at hand. Any object in your map can contain links to documents on the Intranet or Internet. In addition, you can enter detailed comments.
  • Review comments of your colleagues and your own lecture notes are shown in myMap as sticky notes. You can keep on working on the map during a review phase and then link the map to review layers received in the meantime.
  • Distribution control remains in your hands: protect unpublished results by password. When the time comes, myMap supports you with extensive export functions to spread your knowledge.

By the way: Especially with extensive material, myMap can fully exploit its strengths. Thanks to tabs (as in your browser) and links, you can quickly and easily navigate between maps.

Gain more time for important things in your freelance or independent work with Knowledge Management. myMap brings the proven tools from corporations and universities to your home. And it is fun:

  • Self-employed: The end of paperwork! You create a central store for everything you need to know.
  • Personal organization: Milestone birthday? Moving to your dream apartment? World travel?—You plan all this with ease.
  • Creative writing: Develop characters, collect research results and plan the chapter structure… for your novel!

Features for You

  • Unleashed creativity: New ideas are gathered using brainstorming mode. Thanks to the ‘input once’ principle, you can directly create your map or a classic outline from all collected ideas that turn out useful.
  • Poster printing: You would like to put up your all-encompassing “master” map? Then print it XXL—how about D-size?—on your ordinary printer. It just takes a little bit of cutting and pasting…
  • Secure storage: Whether it is your career plan or your secret recipe for pizza dough—encryption ensures your confidential information stays exclusively where it belongs: with you. Just set a password for your maps.

By the way: MyMap is very user-friendly and clear. You will quickly achieve success. Discover the advanced features gradually—when you need them.

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